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Interested in Becoming A Member?

Any person wishing to become a member of the Society shall present a formal application, signed by a sponsoring member in good standing, and at least one witness who is also a member in good standing.


Prince Thomas of Savoy has established yearly scholarships to be awarded to Children, Grandchildren, or Great Grandchildren, (Nieces/Nephews Auxiliary only) of members. 


This award will be given to a high school senior who needs financial assistance to pursue a course of study beyond the high school level.

Memorial Scholarship

This award will be given to an individual who has successfully completed at least one year at an accredited institution and is planning to continue their education. Recipients may not exceed thirty five (35) years of age.

Aux. Mary Bogino Scholarship

This award will be given to a high school senior who is planning to enter an accredited institution.

Hall Rental Agreement

Contact Mike Sinacori Jr.
1 West Stratton Lane
West Simsbury CT 06092 869-651-5412

Brick Walk Application

Contact Linda Spescia for Brick Requests

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